Our story

One summer family gathering in Vannes, I massaged my husband with a guasha 刮痧 stone. He loved it, so his cousins wanted to try it too. One cousin liked it, then it was her sister, then it was the other cousin… and so did the rest of the clan. Clearly, this was an instant family hit and a no-brainer Christmas gift idea.

JOYCE B. founder
Founder: Joyce Belfort

Naturally, I tried to buy some for my family. We live in Paris, so shops that sell guasha are limited. When I did find some, I was enraged. Many vendors sell quartz or re-composite (grinded stone mixed with plastic) guasha tool and somehow present them as jade. Besides questionable ethics, are these sellers not aware that any commercial use of jade misnomer can be subjected to criminal or civil liability? Why is it so hard for sellers to label their products correctly without any marketing ridiculousness? This experience inspired me to start this little brand, JOYCE B., where I disclose exactly what my guasha board is made of without any pretence.

Since it is my own brand, I might as well tackle an issue that bothers me. Does it bother you that many products out there have excessive packaging? Not only does the packaging become rubbish within seconds, it also increases the price with no long term benefits. To me, having elaborate packaging is intentionally producing rubbish.

During the testing phase, I tried using plantable seed embedded box. Alas, this initiative was not meant to be. Very soon, I discovered that if it rains, by the time that the client receives the parcel, either part of the box has already disappeared or some seedlings started to grow if the parcel was left outside. After months of research and trials, I finally found a combination of plantable seed paper and other feasible non-plastic biodegradable material for packaging. If you leave my packaging moist, the entier packaging will biodegrade completely within 6 weeks. It will breakdown into cellulose fibres that can be absorbed by plants!


Quality products. Biodegradable packaging. No BS stories.